Purpose in Life

What’s the Purpose in Life?
There is an all-powerful God of Heaven and Earth who desires people to worship Him. He could have made us and placed us in heaven to praise Him, but He decided to give us a test, so that everyone in heaven loved and worshiped Him. That test is this life here on earth.

    This is God’s Story:
     The all powerful God created from nothing this universe and people to live in it. As God already knew would happen, the people He created broke his one and only command, and thus sin had entered the world. Every person since then has sinned, and as time progressed the world became very wicked. Since sin cannot enter heaven where God is, none of us would be able to go to heaven to be with God. So after a time, because God loved us so much, He sent his only Son, Jesus, to save people from their sins. Jesus lived a perfect life, and was without sin. He performed miracles, preached, and taught people about God’s Plan. But most people rejected Him; they did not accept Him as the Son of God. They killed Him: they crucified the Messiah. But they could not stop God’s Plan. Jesus, being God, rose from the dead on the third day. After talking with people for forty days, He ascended to Heaven. Some people believed in Jesus. However, many did not. Some of the people who believed were inspired to write His words and story down for others. These writings we now call the Gospels, because they present the Good News, the only method of Salvation.

Anyone who doesn’t want to live forever with Him in Heaven doesn’t have to. They can spend eternity in Hell, the Lake of Fire. God lets the Devil tempt us. None of us can resist this temptation all the time: when we give in we have sinned. Everyone has sinned, so there would be no one, (except the angels) to worship Him. Believing in Jesus is the only way to escape the Lake of Fire (Hell). These are the only two choices, Heaven or Hell. If you have sinned (any thing wrong you have ever thought, said, or did), and have not accepted Jesus as your personal savior, the Devil, whether you know it or not, is leading you to Hell. Where do you want to spend eternity? Will it be Heaven or Hell? God’s book, the Bible, shows the way to Heaven. All other ways lead to Hell.